Inclusions: Description :From Gangotri , the very heart of magical and mystical Himalaya originates the great river Ganga and roams with all her maya( worldly magic) in such unwelcoming situation to release the mankind from all their sins. Gangotri located at an altitude of 3200 meters above sea level is basically one of the most vital part of Chardham yatra.It is is 100 K.M away from the Uttarkashi (Town in Uttarakhand, North India).

According to Hindu mythology a great king Bhagirath meditated for thousands of years to bring down The goddess Ganga to absolve the sins of his predecessors, as a result goddess Ganga took the form of river and Lord Shiva received Ganga into his matted locks to lessen the force of her fall And then for the sake of wellbeing of mankind holy Ganga first descended on earth from heaven. And after the name of Bhagirth she came to known as Bhagirathi also.

You can start your journey towards Gangotri from Haridwar, Rishikesh or Dehradun (where the Jolly grant airport is located) in a day’s travel. The amazing Gangotri rest next to border of India and Tibet attracting millions of people to come and see the untouched, captivating beauty of the place.

But one can definitely say that this place is not only of spiritual importance that attracts so many people from each and every corner of the world but also its, wide green forests, lush valleys, lofty peaks and other scenic brilliance captivate the soul of adventurer and nature lover.

Gangotri Dham yatra is loved world-wide for its divine shrine, intricate Mother Nature’s blessings, Gaumukh glacier Ganges source, Bhairon Ghati and Harsil. The most preferable time to go for Gangotri Dham Yatra is in between the months of May-June and Sept-Nov.

You can see all around the Bhojbasa trees used to make Bhojpatra, having spiritual value as in ancient time Indian saints used to write scriptures on it. Then came the marvelous heaven of Gaumukh. It is call Gomukh because Ganga originates here from a glacier having the form of cow’s mouth. Surprisingly, the color of Bhagirathi here is just like the color of milk. Although Gaumukh has no temple but temporary shrines are built near the mouth of glacier. The river is about 30 meters wide at its mouth and looks like speedy stream of milky water. This place has immense beauty.

About 5 kms from Gaumukh cames the next destination for real adventurers .It is astonishing heaven-Tapovan. It is really pretty tough to reach Tapovan as climb is very steep but the reward is also incredible. Tapovan is a thick green forest having meadows and sources of water. It falls in the protected area and is a wildlife sanctuary.

Other attractions is the Bhagirath Shila, a small shrine where King Bhagirath meditated for very long time for the salvation of his ancestors. Also explore Pandu Gufa. A scenic trail from the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam rest house in Gangotri. Submerged Shivling (submerged in the river) is a self-manifested Shivling.

Shivalik, the phallic expression of powerful lord Shiva apparently arise out of the meadow and has dominated the whole landscape with pure heavenly feeling. Tapovan is beautiful garden created by lord himself. It has variety of exotic wild flowers during the months of monsoons having great ecological value. When one visits Tapovan, A fundamental question arises that is really Ganga has its source in Gangotri as it seems that Ganga has its source somewhere else not from Gomukh or -it may arise from near Tapovan or may originate from rocks of shivalik. It is also said that Ganga has its source in Kailash mansarovar in Tibet, China.

To explore the unexplained mystry of great Ganga one must come and discover this ultimate destination at least once. A journey to this blessed place is identical to a journey to the spirit of India. Its supernatural environment, calm aura and sheer natural beauty leave tourists spellbound.