Location : Israel Agro Tour

Duration : 4 Nights/5 Days

Inclusions : Description : The Garden City of Singapore is a fun filled holiday destination for everyone with lots of things to see and do. A vacation in Singapore is much more than its exciting nightlife and glitzy atmosphere.fs

Itinerary :
Day 1 :Arrival at the Ben Gurion International Airport
After arrival at the Ben Gurion International Airport (Tel Aviv International Airport), where our guide will be waiting for you. Drive to visit the Holy City - Jerusalem. We will start our tour at the Mt. Of Olives. From this mountain, holy for Jews and Christians, we have a panoramic view of the Old City of Jerusalem - a great spot for an introduction to the city and area. Now we enter the Old City, to visit the famous " Wailing Wall ″ - last remnants of the Jewish Temple that made Jerusalem the " Holy City ″. Usually you can see Jews from all over the world, that come to pray here, dressed in their special dress. Through the Muslim Quarter and the colorful " Suq ″ (Oriental market) we reach the Church of the Holy Sepulcher - the place where Jesus was crucified and buried. On the way we can see a few "Stations" of the " Via Dolorosa ″ - Jesus " Way of Suffering ″. Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 2 :
Start our trip with a Drive down to the Samson area, famous since Biblical Times for its wine production. Here we will visit a winery and learn about wine production and growing in the area. After a short drive we reach Beit Guvrin, where we will go underground to see some 2000-year-old agricultural installations carved in man-made caves! We make a short visit in Kibbutz Netiv HaLamed-He, where we can also see how this privatized Kibbutz uses some of its agricultural facilities for tourism. Then we drive to the South, to see some of the water and irrigation projects that make this Desert-area bloom. Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 3 :
We start the day with a visit at the Vulkani Institute, where most of Israel's new crops are developed, and/or in the Hebrew University Faculty of Agriculture near Rehovot. Then we drive to Rosh Ha'ayin, where we visit the Visitor Center of Israel's National Water-Company - MEKOROT. After an agricultural visit at Kibbutz Ein Shemer, we end the day in Caesarea, a magnificent Port-City built 2000 years ago by King Herod the Great on the sand-dunes by the Mediterranean Sea. Such a megallomanic project needs to take care of the water-supply, which was done by a 24-Km long Aqueduct. Overnight in Tel Aviv.

Day 4 :
This day is dedicated to Israel's North: Galilee and Golan. Arriving at the Mt. Of Beatitudes the unique view of the Sea of Galilee and the surrounding mountains stretches in front of our eyes. This view motivated the genius architect Antonio Berluzzi to build here the famous church commemorating the "Sermon on the Mount". Now we drive up to the Golan Heights. From the top of Mt. Bental, a non-activ Volcano, we have a wide view over the Golan Heights and the Galilean and Hermon mountains all the way to Lebanon. From here you have a better understanding of the history and geography of the area from ancient times and till todays current events... In a nearby field we will participate in the picking of blueberries. Whatever we have in our basket - is ours to eat!

Return to Tel Aviv for Dinner and Overnight.

Day 5 : Singapore - Bangkok - Pattaya
Visit the Old City of Jaffa, the ancient gateway to the Holy Land. Today Jaffa's renovated alley-ways attract many artists, who have their galleries there. Then we stroll through the colorful (and noisy...!) Carmel-Market in Tel Aviv, where the common Israeli can buy a variety of Israel's agricultural products. We will also have a couple of hours at leisure (shopping, etc...) In Israel's cultural and economical center, before we drive to the airport for your flightto travel back home.

Meals on Tour : 4 Nights/5 Days
Day 1 : Dinner.
Day 2 - 4 : Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
Day 5 : Breakfast.

Our Speciality :
Caring Tour Manager throughout the tour.
Buffet Lunch at Safari World.

Reporting & Dropping for Joining & Leaving :
Day 1 : At the Airport/Hotel/Sight seeing place. (Please re-confirm with our tour consultant 5 days prior to the tour)
Day 5 : Tour concludes at the Hotel/ Airport- as per scheduled group flight.